Who we are

The National Energy Commission (CNE) is a decentralized public institution with its own capital and full capacity to acquire and exercise rights and contract obligations, whose communications with the President of the Republic are channeled through the Ministry of Energy. It was set up through Decree Law Nº 2,224, of 1978, which was modified by Law 20,402, which set up the Ministry of Energy.

The objective of the National Energy Commission, as defined by law, is as follows:

“The Commission will be a technical organization, responsible for analyzing prices, tariffs and technical norms with which energy production, generation, transport and distribution companies must comply, in order to ensure sufficient, safe, quality service, compatible with the most economic operation.”
Its functions are as follows:

  1. To analyze technically the structure and level of the prices and tariffs of energy goods and services, in the cases and manner established by law.
  2. To fix the technical and quality norms indispensable for the functioning and operation of energy installations, in the cases indicated by law.
  3. To monitor and project the current and anticipated functioning of the energy sector and propose to the Ministry of Energy the legal and regulatory norms required, in its area of competence.
  4. To advise the Government, through the Ministry of Energy, on all matters related to the energy sector to improve its development.
  5. The administration of the Commission falls to the Secretary-in-chief, who is the Service`s Chief Secretary and its legal, judicial and extra-judicial representative.